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Forty Foot Echo

Forty Foot Echo

40 Foot Echo came about as a result of front man Murray Yates-formerly of Canadian techno rock band Templar, who split in 2001-recording a demo with Joey Moi. Consequently it wasn’t long before record companies were queuing from Ontario to Los Angeles to sign Yates. He chose L.A based Hollywood records and assembled an all-Canadian band, including the touring guitarist with Five for Fighting Pete Thorn. 40 Foot Echo offer an essential brand of accessible modern hard rock, with good songs, neat arrangements and Yates’ versatile melodic larynx. Upbeat songs like ‘Drift’ the staccato blend of ‘Multiply’ or ‘Songbird’ all rely heavily on hooky choruses and chunky guitars, whilst the softer side of the band is demonstrated ably on the monster ballad ‘Brand New Day’, the first song written by Yates after the break up of Templar, the Creed-like ‘Save Me’ and the album closer ‘Beside Me’, a close relation to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’. ‘Long Way Down’ from the Templar album is also given a modern day kick up the backside. 40 Foot Echo, like fellow Canadians Closure, typify all that is good within the new melodic rock genre and proudly fly the flag for those wishing to bring the melodic rock firmly into the future.


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