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Oracular Spectacular

Coming out of the Northeast, MGMT has the potential to be artistic pop mainstays for a long time. They’re style can best be described as a musical mutation. When listening through their music you can draw a lot of comparisons to the artistic side of pop- artists like David Bowie, Flaming Lips, Shins, & Modest Mouse, but nothing really sticks as a direct influence. Basically you can say they’re like the aforementioned bands, but with molded with a lot of techno and a lot of beats. This was a Dave Friedman production and he did an excellent job with this. I hadn’t heard a any MGMT in the past, but it’s hard to believe that they could sound better than they sound now. Bright, vibrant, experimental the production on this record is perfect. In terms of songwriting and that kind of thing- MGMT has a variety of songs that fit into their particular brand of music. There are ebbs and flows and lots of experimental moments on the record that will keep you guessing as you listen through this disc. Some favorite moments of mine- the first four tracks are outstanding and “The Handshake” is possibly the band’s best song on this record. This isn’t for the everyday music fan; it’s for the avid music fan. MGMT is to music fans like French films are to music fans. It’s easy to see the art and creativity in it, but it’s not going to keep everyone entertained. Even still, these guys will build a great fan-base because they are so artistic, so expect them to be around for a long time to come.


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