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Shooter's Gonna Choke

I’m a pop-punk enthusiast of sorts. Not emo. Pop-punk. And the last time I fell for a band like I just did for Rosematter it was 2001 and I had just got a copy of New Found Glory’s self-titled album. For pop-punk fans Rosematter is the best band you’ve never heard of. Out on Oort Records (the staff that used to run Lobster Records) Rosematter’s debut album “Shooter’s Gonna Choke” kicks ass. The music is great and even the title has a good theme to it. Not only does Rosematter take the title of their album from a classic comedy- they take a ton of song titles from classic movies as well. Talking strictly music though; Katie Kolos is a beast on the mic (in the good way) she has a ton of range and even more talent, she’s fantastic. The actual band is great too- guitars and percussion are damn-near perfect for a punk album. “Shooter’s Gonna Choke” is a must for fan’s of pop-punk. I can’t say enough how good these guys are. The obvious comparison is Paramore, but I really don’t care. Rosematter is good enough to listen through and make you say Paramore who? Outstanding music. Hopefully Oort can do with this band what they did for Yellowcard and Over It.


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