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State of Shock

Life, Love, and Lies

While it’s not overly exciting, there are some great songs on State of Shock’s “Life, Love, & Lies.” To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much after hearing “Best I Ever Had.” The song is good, but there are some interesting choices within the song that make it a little quirky, the beginning of the chorus just doesn’t flow as well as it should to the common ear and it just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense until you hear the rest of the album. Then you get what State of Shock is all about. The songwriting in itself is extremely interesting all over the album, even their harder stuff has some really interesting choices in bridges and intros. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it helps a band like State of Shock stand out a lot from similar bands in the genre. State of Shock is basically independent music meets Nickelback. It’s not by-the-book hooks, but the content and production is similar. State of Shock is one of those bands that you have to listen to a number of songs to get. If you’re a fan of “Best I Ever Had” then you’ll love the whole album. If you’re not a fan of the song, still give this a shot, you might be surprised at how good this actually is.


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