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P.S. I Love You Soundtrack

There are a lot of love songs on the “P.S. I Love You SoundtracK”, that’s to be expected.- that’s really the first thing you need to know with this album. That being said, the music supervisor(s) did an excellent job on this record. Most of the songs are from Atlantic Records, and that’s expected for an Atlantic release, but a few of the pulls from that label’s library are surprising (The Pogues!) and the few tracks that aren’t on the label are surprising pulls too (Chuck Prophet!.) The Irish connection is also in full-force; Flogging Molly, “The Pogues”, and Laura Izibor. There are A LOT of current Atlantic artists on this record, some stuff that’s come out recently other stuff that’s yet to see a release. Standard big Atlantic artists that contribute quality music to this disc; James Blunt with “Same Mistake, NEEDTOBREATHE with “More Time”, Paolo Nutuni with “Rewind”, Toby Lightman with “My Sweet Song”, and The Academy Is with “Everything We Had.” But more exciting than the Atlantic artists with releases are the artists that they have coming in 2008. Laura Izibor is an Irish Soul singer with a ton of talent, and former Rock Star contestant Ryan Star are both on the soundtrack. Both of these artists have great songs on the album Izibor’s “Carousel” and Star’s “Last Train Home” (a number one here on Alternative Addiction.) Those two songs and the Flogging Molly song, “If I Ever Leave This World” are the big highlights when listening through the album. As far as soundtracks go, this is a good release. Sure there are a lot of label artists on the record, but they fit with the compilation and fit in with the movie. Plus the few non-label picks were great picks to include on the disc. This is a great soundtrack that male and female soundtrack fans will love. That being said, guys: you still might look a little suspect bringing this to a counter or having it in your car- if you can’t handle it, just say it’s your girlfriend's.


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