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Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Until I get my hands on the new Bullet For My Valentine CD, Atreyu’s “Lead Sails Paper Anchor” has got to be my favorite metal album to come out over the past two years. I’ve never been a huge fan of the band, but I’m starting to come around, especially with all of the polishing that came with this new record. Screamo is great, I see the art in it and I can see the amount of talent it takes to pull off the style, but when a Screamo/Metal band comes to the forefront and makes an album that’ s accessible to the common rock fan, it adds credibility to the genre- it doesn’t take it away. This album proves that Atreyu is one of the most underrated bands out there. The vocals are awesome, the guitars were recorded excellently, and the drums (replacing a lot of the beats) are an added bonus. “Doomsday” is a great track- it’s like some older Atreyu stuff until the chorus hits and then it’s more melodic, and really that’s the biggest thing with this Atreyu record; it’s melodic. Going mainstream is not always a bad thing, when you’ve been largely underground for the past five years I think you’ve paid your dues and are allowed to make major-label money, plus there’s a considerable amount of polishing that’s great news for most bad news for some. “Lead Sails Paper Anchor” is in the top 5 metal albums to come out in 2007 and it comes close to being number one. If Avenged Sevenfold hadn’t made such an amazing record that nudges this one- it would be number one. Hardcore fans can enjoy this album by Atreyu. Some of their old fan base might not want to be a part of the band anymore- but with music like this I doubt that they won’t be able to gain more people than they lost.


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