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Matt Costa

Unfamiliar Faces

Matt Costa’s new album “Unfamiliar Faces” is creative, bouncy, and ridiculously fun to listen to. From the start of “Mr. Pitiful” on through “Miss Magnolia” the tempos change the themes are different and the music is creative, but it remains incredibly fun to listen through. There’s a certain amount of enduring silliness to Costa in general that makes his music enjoyable- he sings with a slight British accent, but he’s from California, he can brood out a lyric like “burnt cheese on a snowy pass” and make it sound normal, and he can go with bouncy piano that sounds like something from the 20’s and completely modernize it. “Unfamiliar Faces” has moments where it shines like pop gold-“Mr. Pitiful” is the first single and it’s the song with the aforementioned 20’s sounding piano. “Lilacs” sounds like one of Duncan Sheik’s better songs. “Cigarette Eyes” is almost as catchy as “Mr. Pitiful” and is primed to be the second single. And “Emergency Call” has some of the most quirky lyrics that have been written in this decade. Costa’s music is heavily influenced by British artists, that much is evident. His vocals resemble the halfway point between Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and a large portion of his songs sound like mid 60’s early 70’s UK psychedelic pop, but sometimes he goes a little overboard with the influences… “Vienna”, “Bound” and “Trying to Lose My Mind” all fit in with Costa going a little bit too overboard with the UK influences but even those tracks are enjoyable. Costa’s “Unfamiliar Faces” is a good sophomore release. His music has improved in almost every way since his debut. Look for Costa to keep building from here.


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