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Jack Johnson

Sleep Through The Static

Jack Johnson’s fifth album not only holds up to his previous work, but it sets a lot of new standards for the singer/songwriter. The guitar work contains a lot more electric stuff this go around and there are several surprises instrumentally and musically. Extra harmonicas, improved drum work, the electric guitar, all of it adds up to another strong showing by everybody’s favorite surfing musician. How Johnson has improved musically since his past album is easily referenced, you don’t have to listen longer than the first track to be able to hear that. “All at Once” is great lyrically, perhaps one of Johnson’s best songs lyrically, but the guitar lines in the last minute or so are what makes the song remarkable. There are only like five notes in the guitar line that stands out the most- it’s simple but effective, but it takes the track to another level. The quality of the content both musically and lyrically is continued throughout the album. “Sleep through the Static” goes along great with “All at Once” and the gapless playback between the two tracks add even more oomph to both of them. “If I Had Eyes” is arguably Johnson’s best single and unarguably his best single with electric guitar work. And “They Do, They Don’t” has some of Johnson’s best vocals and one of his best Choruses. There are typical Jack Johnson songs on this album too. “Monsoon” and “Go On” are the tracks that are most similar to his early work. “Sleep through the Static” not only holds up to everything that Johnson has done in the past, it goes beyond that and sets the bar a little higher. The main thing with Johnson remains that his music is almost impossible not to like. He sings with a lot of soul and passion and it seems effortless. And the effortless quality is a strong attribute in his guitar work too. “Sleep through the Static” is another Johnson album that you can pop in on a lazy Sunday afternoon and just relax to.


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