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One Less Reason

A Lifetime Burning

One Less Reason’s third release “A Lifetime Burning” is combination of a “Best of” album and a new release. The album contains seven new tracks, seven tracks from the previous two releases, and a live track. The new tracks may strike fans by surprise, as they don’t follow the hard rocking sounds of “Favorite Color” or even the melodic rock sounds of “I’m Not Happy For You” (both of which are tracks taken from previous albums included on this release). Instead, the new tracks take on a very mellow feel. There’s no denying lead singer Cris Brown was writing from a different place when he sat down to pen the new tracks for this album. The songs find Brown more vulnerable and transparent than he’s ever been as a song writer. The handful of new tracks on this album just showcase another dimension in which this talented band is able to reach, and break the mold the band created on their previous two albums. Piano driven ballads like “Your Beautiful Ending” and “Life In A Way” spotlight Brown’s strong vocals, while tracks like the title track “A Lifetime Burning” raise Brown’s songwriting to a whole new level. Tack on seven of the best songs from the bands previous releases, and this album perfectly captures where the band has been, and where they're headed.


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