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Dreaming Out Loud

Remember Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane” and it’s overall dominance of radio from 2002 to about 2004? Their label- Octone Records- really had no other noteworthy projects at the time, so every four months they’d release a single and that single would just tear-up radio. That string of events set the band into super stardom and set the tone for the ridiculous amount of publicity the band got for another album after taking an extended break. What does all of this have to do with OneRepublic? Because the band’s album “Dreaming Out Loud” is similar in quality to Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane.” On this OneRepublic album there’s the potential for no less than 5 singles that would be wildly successful. One of which has been proven- “Apologize”, one is being tested- “Stop and Stare” and the other three have the quality to be up there- “Mercy”, “Prodigal”, and “All We Are.” Those five songs are the best moments of the album, but there’s also several other good moments- “All Fall Down”, “Tyrant” and even “Come Home” all endurance to stick with you after a listen, and while “Say (All I Need)” wasn’t the best choice for an opening song it’s decent enough to belong on the album. “Someone to Save You” and “Won’t Stop” are the two lone “yawn” songs on the album, and even they are good enough to deserve a second listen. OneRepublic is out into the public in a big way, you’ve been hearing from them all the time at the end of 2007- judging from this album and the fact that they’ve sent more songs for Timbaland to remix, you’ll be hearing a lot more from OneRepublic into 2008.


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