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Good Times, Bad Times: Ten Years of Godsmack

Another greatest hits collection is released for this holiday season with Godsmack’s “Good Times, Bad Times… Ten Years of Godsmack.” And what has been the best metal band in the business for the past ten years has an awesome greatest hits album. Don’t get me wrong, Godsmack’s albums always have a fair amount of substance to them and I enjoy listening through all of them, but there’s something about the band’s singles that have always made them stand out above the rest of the pack. All of the singles are here and in a chronological order so you can start out with “Whatever” and work your way to “The Enemy” and venture through how the band has grown and changed throughout the past decade. There’s nothing of note that really hasn’t been included, and that’s even considering the bands acoustic work because there’s an entire acoustic concert on a DVD in this package too. This is a legitimate best of from Godsmack, coupled with the DVD, and added with perfect placement and a Led Zeppelin cover- and this is a perfect gift for a Godsmack die-hard. There’s no real secret to why these guys have been around for so long, it’s great music. But they’ve always been great to their fan-base and here that fan-base gets a gift with “Good Times, Bad Times… Ten Years of Godsmack.”


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