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Taking Back Sunday

Louder Now: Part Two

Taking Back Sunday just released a live album; “Louder Now, Part Two.” The album is, you guessed it, a live album with songs from “Louder Now.” There’s also a DVD in the package, and some bonus songs, two B-Sides from “Lourder Now” and Taking Back Sunday’s own take on the “12 Days Of Christmas.” Both the DVD and the CD are pretty cool. They get points because all of the songs that should be on the disc are on the disc, but you’d like to see some of the older stuff on a live album too. As a live album it should be noted that Warner Bros. either has or provides elite equipment for their live album. No other label provides better live material than Warner Bros., on top of an awesome Taking Back Sunday performance from Long Beach, this live set isn’t far from studio quality. The bonus tracks, the B-Sides from “Louder Now” aren’t bad, they actually could have made the album. They are “Sleep”, and “Brooklyn.” It’s good that the guys from TBS provided these songs on this record because they could have been greedy and saved them for later. As for the bands take on the “12 Days of Christmas”, it’s from a YouTube video the band released last Christmas and is pretty hilarious. Now you can listen to the song without the video, especially since it’s one of my favorite humorous Christmas songs. “Louder Now, Part Two” is a sure-fire thing to fulfill the needs of any Taking Back Sunday fan. As a live album it’s near studio quality but with different live record elements, which makes for a great listen. That being said the hardcore fan-base will love this record, there’s a Christmas song, two bonus studio tracks, a live-DVD, and 8 live songs on the CD that are near studio quality.


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