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Sara Bareilles

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There have been a few fall radio surprises this year, and one of them is Sara Bareilles. Her song “Love Song” has been taking pop radio by storm and with good reason. The track is catchy, melodic, artistic, and well-crafted. And Bareilles shows off her voice on the track perfectly. Her voice is thicker than most female singer/songwriters and her songs are more upbeat than most serious female singer/songwriters which makes things even better for Bareilles. Sara Bareilles’s major label debut for Epic Records is nice release. She’s got loads of talent with song writing, as shown not only on “Love Song”, but on every track on this record. My personal favorite is “Vegas.” Admittedly her songs cater to a female audience pretty heavily, but she’s writing honestly about what she knows about and that’s not just commendable, it's admirable. Bareilles’s career should continue to grow and grow with this record. If you’re into good singer/songwriter music this is a good fit for you. This is a great label debut by one of the genres up and coming stars. Expect Bareilles to be around for a long time.


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