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Barenaked Ladies

Talk to the Hand (Live in Michigan)

Although I’m not a huge fan of the Barenaked Ladies, I’ve enjoyed being a casual fan of the band’s work over the years. I’ve never been to a show, I’ve maybe caught two or three of the band’s TV appearances and I’ve listened through two of the band’s albums all the way through; the two most current albums. That being said, I have heard all of the singles, have loved most of them, and have been a fan of the band that way. And as far as singles goes, the new Barenaked Ladies live album, “Talk to the Hand (Live in Michigan” is basically like a greatest hits collection; but as a live set. This live set, which is recorded excellently, is about as good as a live album gets. The band goes through everything on this disc, “Old Apartment”, “One Week”, “Too Little, Too Late”, and a whole lot more. And everything that’s on this live disc is equal to or better than what’s on the original albums. Toss that in with a live-DVD, that’s basically the CD, but with video and you’ve got yourself a winner. This isn’t the band’s first live album though, and basically this is just something extra for their fan-base to pick up, but if you’re a fan of the Barenaked Ladies, a big-time fan of the Barenaked Ladies, this is worth ten-fifteen bucks- easy.


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