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The new Killers’ B-Sides disc “Sawdust” has got to be one of my favorite B-Sides discs of all time, mainly because it’s unique in a number of ways. The unreleased tracks are all pretty stellar; in fact they are good enough to the point to where assembling them on an album would have made more sense as a follow-up album to “Hot Fuss” than “Sam’s Town” did. That’s not to say that I didn’t like “Sam’s Town” because I definitely liked the album, but natural music progression says that the follow up to the band’s highly-successful debut album would be most of the songs from “Sawdust”, not “Sams Town.” That’s the first way that “Sawdust” is unique. The second way that this album is unique is through the cover songs on this disc. The Killers cover two pretty abstract songs and do them both well (“Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” and “Romeo and Juliet”.) The other way that this B-Sides disc is unique is through the remix and rerecordings. There’s a great alternative version to “Sam’s Town” on this disc as well as an awesome re-mixed version of Mr. Brightside that runs about seven minutes long. Overall, this new Killers disc is an awesome one. It’s a must for any fan of the band, and if you didn’t like “Sam’s Town” it might be an opportunity to get back into the band because it’s more similar to “Hot Fuss”… pretty cool for a B-side.


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