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The Goo Goo Dolls

Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles

There’s never been a band quite like the Goo Goo Dolls. There’s never been a band that has been more mainstream accessible just through singles but more embraced by hardcore music fans because they’ve always stayed true to their sound but have maintained creative and artistic aspects in their career. That and they’re road warriors, they toured extensively for “Let Love In” and as far as a Goo Goo Dolls record goes that one was one of the weaker efforts as far as sales goes. Bottom line, if you’re a music fan, not totally into Goth, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Classical, Rap, or any other genres you can think of you’ve been a fan of The Goo Goo dolls. The band has fourteen top ten singles! That’s amazing,, especially for some dudes from Buffalo. The band just released “Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles” and if you don’t have all of the band’s albums this is pretty much a necessity. All of the favorites are here from the tracks on “Dizzy Up The Girl”, “Boy Named Goo”, “Gutterflower”, and “Let Love In.” Every quality Goo Goo Dolls single is here with only three exceptions, but I’d really expect that to be on the B-Sides disc that the band is going to release in 2008. I only have two quips about the disc; I think it would have been cool to put the tracks in order chronologically as opposed to the placement choices they’ve made, the way it is isn’t bad, but it would have been cool to listen through stuff in order to listen through the band’s natural progression. My other quip with the disc are the omissions, it’s not like they didn’t have time; this disc runs approximately fifty-three minutes. They had time for a few more songs. I would have loved to have “Long Way Down” on this disc, I also would have loved to have Reznik’s solo track- “I’m Still Here” on this disc too, but who knows- maybe those tracks will be on the B-Sides disc. The only other omission of note I can think of is the band’s version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” that was used in MLB promos in the nineties. That would have been a cool addition to this disc, but again, who knows maybe it’s going to be on the next disc. All of the band’s singles are here in their original versions except for “Name” which is a new version, and although it’s not drastically different from the original, I would have had both the original and the new version on this disc- that song is so important to this band’s career. You can’t doubt that. I think for the B-Sides disc the band should re-record Reznik’s “I’m Still Here” in a new version and include the songs that I’ve just mentioned. If that’s done, then I’m happy. As a greatest hits album goes, this has been somewhat long-overdue and is just one of those ‘duh!’ releases. One of the best band’s of the past two decades just released a greatest hits disc, if you don’t have a couple of the band’s albums or you’ve lived under a rock and never listened to a lot of Goo Goo Dolls stuff, this is an album for you.


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