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Matt White

Best Days

Matt White really shows off his song-writing skills with his new CD “Best Days” out now from Geffen Records. White’s record is one of the strongest singer/songwriter albums to come out this fall. His songs are all written exceptionally and when you add that to White’s stellar vocal work, “Best Days” becomes a must listen for all fans of the genre. White’s songwriting is both simple and highly developed. His love songs on “Best Days” are the simple songs on the disc. “Best Days”, “Moment of Weakness”, “Love”, and “Paradise” are all well-written, perfect pop songs that easily could be singles (“Best Days” is a single.) And all of White’s simple songs are where he makes his bread and butter. It’s weird to say, but because White’s voice is so good in the higher range it allows him to be more sensitive than any other male singer/songwriter. Just for that reasons it’s easy for White to connect with a fan-base, especially a female fan base. White’s developed songwriting is shown on his up-tempo tracks, the drumbeats and the underlying guitars in songs like “Play”, “New York Girls”, and “Just What I’m Looking For” are stellar as well. There’s usually an interesting melody in the chorus and the bridges that form between the verses and the choruses are outstanding in these songs. White’s “Best Days” is a disc that you’re sure to love. If you appreciate good music and you appreciate pure talent you’ll be a fan of this guys. He’s sincere when he wants to be, goofy when he wants to be, and it all comes off effortless. Although this hasn’t caught fire yet, expect White’s career to really pick up in mid-February, early March. Talent like this deserves to be noticed, and White’s good enough that it won’t be too long before that happens.


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