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Serj Tankian

Eject the Dead

It’s impossible to properly critique this album. How do you tear up something that’s as intelligent and opinionated as Serj Tankian’s new album “Eject the Dead?” There are tons of social and political themes in the music that although are hard to grasp in some places alongside the music, that deserve to be recognized. You’ll want to listen through to try and understand what Serj is saying; you’ll even bust out the booklet and read through Serj’s lyrics. That takes a big reputation and a good record of being both educated and passionate about what you believe in. Lyrics have always been Serj’s strength, they’re always thought provoking and intelligent. On his solo album that’s even a bigger quality than it was for System of a Down. That being said, If this album was just quality lyrics on top of mediocre music you could review this a little easier. But instead this album comes off more like a metal opera and less like a standard album. There are loads of different elements used musically throughout, including female backing vocals which you would never hear in a System of a Down album. All of these different elements and the overall depth to the music on the album, is outstanding and again takes someone incredible gifted and intelligent to pull off. Serj Tankain’s “Eject the Dead” is an important album. It attempts and succeeds to be a medium for a guy with a lot to say about a lot of important subjects. This is a complete album with some amazing music that comes off more like an opera than an album. Serj’s first (and somewhat long-awaited) solo album is a monumental success.


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