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Armor For Sleep

Smile For Them

The first Armor for Sleep album for Warner Bros. is another stellar release from New Jersey’s Armor for Sleep. There are a lot of bands out there; quality bands in the post-hardcore/emo scene that are extremely talented, and Armor for Sleep is definitely one of those bands. There are bands that do this type of music better, but it’s hard to fathom anyone else in the genre doing it with more heart than Armor for Sleep. Everything on the band’s latest release “Smile for Them” goes back to front man Ben Jorgenson. His lyrics are awesome. Particularly on the single “Williamsburg” on the opener “Smile for the Camera” and the song that also appears on the Transformers soundtrack “End of the World.” Jorgenson’s lyrics are extremely insightful and although his voice is similar to everyone else’s in this particular genre of music, his songwriting and his lyrics give him a distinct advantage over the competition. As for the rest of the band, the other thing worth noting on “Smile for Them” is the guitar work. In almost every song there is a moment in each song where a guitar line will just blow everything out of the water. This doesn’t just happen in a song or two, this is all but maybe one or two tracks. Armor for Sleep’s first major label release is a successful one. The band stayed true to the sound that got here, matched every standard they had set for themselves with previous releases, and they’ve come out with a quality release.


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