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iViva la Cobra

Gabe Saporta’s new band Cobra Starship just released their second album “iViva la Cobra” so I guess you really can’t call Cobra Starship his new band anymore. The new-wave techno pop punk style of Cobra Starship is better in some areas than the debut album, but it’s also a little weaker in some areas. There are a few structured songs on the album that are awesome “The World Has It’s Shine” is what a more mature Midtown song would sound like. This is easily the best Cobra Starship song to date because it’s the best written. “One Day, Robots Will Cry” still has the beat that most Cobra Starship songs have but the bridge into the chorus isn’t dominated by that so that makes the structure of the song better too. Most of the techno-beat songs are better time around with the case and point being “Kiss My Sass” and “Guilty Pleasure.” The band also does a different type song called “Smile for the Paparazzi” that has a Spanish music vibe to it through the verse and then goes into typical Cobra style in the chorus. It’s a decent song too. I have two problems with “iViva la Cobra” though, the total set of songs is weaker on this run than on the previous run and at times they go a little overboard on the keys/programming. I dig the music but they go overboard in places (especially towards the end of the album.) At some point the theme of your music can go too far, track 9 or 10 is that point with Cobra Starship. It’s a fun listen through with the latest Cobra Starship. The brunt of the album will leave you tapping your feet or bobbing your head. If you’re up to something a little different check out the latest Cobra Starship disc.


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