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Eat, Sleep, Repeat

It sucks that I’m just doing this review now, but nothing really went right with Copeland promoting what is a great album anyway. The band’s first effort for Columbia didn’t go exactly as planned. The big problem is no one outside of their circle of fans know who these guys are, and they really need a casual fan base to be successful. They’re like the American version of Coldplay. Coldplay only has a casual fan base, given it’s a very large casual fan base. Copeland’s album “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” is an underrated effort. The music is awesome, there’s not a bad song on this disc, and I’ll give it that. Everything on this record is genius but nothing on this album has a hook to it and that hurts the band. When you’re trying to crack into the mainstream a great single with a good hook is the key element. That being said, this album is complete except for that detail. The music is written and recorded well. There are some masterful songs that are more similar to slight symphonies than to pop music and some of the intricacies throughout the album are what can make people fans of Copeland. The attention to detail can never be overlooked. While this album didn’t do it for Copeland, they still have a good fan base for an independent band. Some bands just aren’t made for everyone and Copeland is one of those bands. If they start making those types of songs they’re known as sell-outs. If they don’t then they stay put where they’re at. I’m really out of ideas for these guys to grow, but I can say that if you’re into good music, really good music, then check out Copeland’s “Eat, Sleep, Repeat.” If you’re a casual listener, even just a semi-serious listener Copeland’s not really for you.


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