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Metro Station

I never thought Boys Like Girls would amount to much, and look what happened there. Similarly though, Metro Station is another band here that’s somewhat a copy/paste band. They fit in perfectly with what’s working in parts of the music industry right now, so they’re pasted right in. The music is decent, these guys have a long ways to do musically, but they’re still really young and show a lot of promise. Blake Healy does an outstanding job with the keys and with programming; that’s what makes the music for Metro Station. If this doesn’t pan out (which I actually think these guys have a lot of records to make) Healy will have a future somewhere in music. Trace Cyrus (yeah… they’re related) and Mason Musso both do a job with vocals. The songs aren’t bad, there are some horrible songs during the beginning of the album and I’m not real big on the lyrics, but some of the music itself is written really well, especially with “Now That We’re Done” and “Wish We Were Older.” I’ve never had to do a review like this; there’s a lot of back story with Metro Station and with all of the connections that these guys have it’s hard to believe they won’t be around for awhile. I think this is the warm-up for Metro Station and they’ll be one of the bands you’ll more than likely think of as obnoxious for years to come. Your little sister’s going to love this…


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