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Say Anything

In Defense Of The Genre

If you ever wanted to peer into the world of a crazy person, then you have to check out Say Anything. No offense to anybody, but by listening to Max Bemis’s lyrics this guy is more than bipolar- he’s full blown nuts. It’s fine… but I’m just saying. Listen through “…Is A Real Boy” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s fine that he’s nuts though because I don’t think there’s anyone in music quite like him, there’s not another artist out there who could make something more lyrically and musically excentric than what Max Bemis did on his new album “In Defense of the Genre.”The cool thing about “In Defense of the Genre” and all Say Anything music are the lyrics. You almost have to pay attention the lyrics the first five times through so you can catch everything that Bemis says. I’m not going to lie; every now and then he’ll spout off something that will make you laugh out loud. Maybe it’s meant to be funny, maybe not, but nonetheless it is.Musically there’s not another album out there like this- it covers and crosses over a wide array of music and genres from Screamo to Broadway to pop punk to metal- just everything is covered here and it’s amazing to listen through. The music combined with the lyrics makes this a special experience that doesn’t come around very often.I knew that this was going to be a 2 disc set before Say Anything even went into the studio; that’s really just the kind of the band they are and when you write music so personal- how do you leave a song off? I thought “…Is a Real Boy” was an awesome album and I wasn’t completely sure how the band would follow up with this album, but Max Bemis proves himself to be a genius. As long Say Anything keeps making music, I’ll keep listening.


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