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Rock N Roll Jesus

There’s really never been an artist quite like Kid Rock, and at this point in time that’s not a good thing. Kid Rock’s not about art, I don’t even thing he’s about music at this point, I think he’s just about image, and that’s a shame because there aren’t as many musicians that are as talented as he is.In his latest effort, “Rock n Roll Jesus” kid pretty much personifies what he’s all about these days; stealing pieces from Walter Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd and making them into a country song on “All Summer Long.” That’s really what this whole album is- tracks like that where he shows remarkably no creativity whatsoever anywhere in this album. No creativity, no imagination, just standard tracks that were written for the few people that are still infatuated with everything he does. I honestly don’t think there’s an original note written on this entire album. The only parts of this album where he ties music with life is when he talks about his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, and most of the time that’s just dumb and not all that impressive. It’s one thing to go into something with high expectations that aren’t met when you listen to the actual product. It’s one thing to go into something with low expectations that are surpassed when you listen through an album. It’s a completely different thing to go into something with low expectations that aren’t met once you listen to the disc- which is what we’re dealing with here. If Kid Rock really wants to personify what it’s like to be a rock star who doesn’t give a crap what anybody thinks he’ll make the music he wants and knows he can make instead of catering to the ignorant country music fan who dives into a little rock music in 2007. This is in serious contention for the worst album of 2007 it’s a giant brown shoe-trail of a listening experience.


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