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After all of the success that she had with “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See” as singles you would expect a follow up album from KT Tunstall to be eerily similar to those two singles and jam-packed with lots of single choices. And that’s what happened on Tunstall’s latest effort “Drastic Fantastic.” If the difference between the two records covers wasn’t evidence enough as to which direction KT was going with her career this new record is the clincher. “Drastic Fantastic” is a collection of 11 tracks that are tailor-made for the adult contemporary crowd. Still, Tunstall displays a lot of her song writing skills and her charm with those skills so it’s still a likeable album. Running through the songs; the first two tracks are in the “Suddenly I See” mold of songs- just catchy pop songs. After those two tracks there is a quick tease at what her music used to be like and what she’s best at with “White Bird” and “Funny Man.” The single “Hold On” is written extremely well and was a good choice. The easy choice for the next single is “Saving My Face”, even though it’s a little standard for a female artist. On “Beauty of Uncertainty” Tunstall performs a song that sounds like a Chris Isaak song, and she finishes off the album with the cliché ‘I’m going to be a stronger woman’ track and that’s all there is on that note. If you tally that up that’s talking negative about two tracks out of 11 and not mentioning a small portion of the songs. So “Drastic Fantastic” isn’t the best follow-up I’ve ever heard but it’s good at a few things and does the job well. If you liked the two singles from “Eye to the Telescope” then you’ll like this entire album, somehow I think that was the goal from the very start.


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