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The Crash Motive


Formerly known as Omnisoul, The Crash Motive FINALLY make their debut for Wind-Up. Anybody who’s been in any music circle for the past two years knows how good these guys are, everybody in the wildly populous and popular state of Delaware knows how good these guys are, and now it’s time for the rest of the world to find that out. The Greg Wattenberg produced set, “Consequence” warrants attention for the Delaware band. These guys are fifty times better than a lot of pop bands that are getting a lot of exposure these days and Derek Fuhrman’s voice is one of the most amazing things I’ve heard on a rock record. The production on “Consequence” is great, everything is polished and shiny just as a pop record should be, but my only real problem with the album was the lack of quality songs during the second half of the album. The first seven tracks knock it out of the park and the catchy “When You Go” is awesome as well, but this disc is extremely front-loaded with not a lot on the back end of it. Lucky for Crash Motive the first seven tracks are unique, refreshing, catchy, and just well done. Although there are really only 8 songs on this disc worth listening to, most records only have 5 so we’ll give that to these guys. With the right publicity and promotion falling into place these guys could become a household name. If it’s not with this record, then it’s with the next.


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