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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Follow The Lights

You had to know Ryan Adams couldn’t sit in one place for very long and just promote an album, that’s not really his style. So here he is again, just a few months after releasing “Easy Tiger” with an EP- bringing his band The Cardinals along for the ride this time- “Follow the Lights”The EP is two reworked Adams tracks and a great cover of “Down in a Hole.” Keeping up with typical Adams standards this is a good set with 7 good songs, all well written and recorded. My personal favorite is the “Down in a Hole” cover because in a sense Adams made that song his just by putting his unique twist on it. I still like the Alice in Chains version better but they’re not even close to the same song because they’re recorded completely different.What I admired most about “Easy Tiger” and what’s carried over into this EP is Adams is starting to target a more general population now instead of his core group of people. It never hurts to gain a fan and Adams could/should do that with his past two releases (if he’d promote them a little bit.) Nonetheless, Adams returns with more stellar work, and continues to tromp every other band/musician not just in number of releases, but in quality of those releases. If you’ve never been into Adams this is as good of a place to start as any.


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