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James Blunt

All The Lost Souls

After a widely successful debut album, James Blunt releases his follow-up album “All the Lost Souls.” “Back to Bedlham” is one of the best debut albums of this decade, if not the best and making anything better than that album was going to be hard for Blunt. I wouldn’t call “All the Lost Souls” better or worse for Blunt- just another addition to his catalogue and that’s the biggest complement you can give the guy in that sense. This new album is 10 songs that could have fit on “Back to Bedlham” as easily as anything else on that record, but not in the same way. When most people think of Blunt they think of songs like “You’re Beautiful” and “High”, but on his first album there’s a ton of album tracks that are better written and just all-around better songs than any of the singles he had. “Wisemen” is that album track I think back on that album- it was amazing song. “All the Lost Souls” is mostly like “Wisemen” from begin to end, with only casual moments where you’re reminded of his first singles.“All the Lost Souls” doesn’t have a weak moment, it’s like his first album in a lot of ways, it’s an album you put in to just hang out and relax to. The guy is such an amazing songwriter that it’s easy to just get lost in his stories. Every song on the disc is written well both musically and lyrically and he’s done a few different things in his music to keep it exciting. The intricate piano work is there in spots but there are also a lot of ebbs and flows and peaks, electric guitar is used more than the last go ‘round. And his style has slightly drifted towards the classic songwriters from the U.K. that changed the world of music. Blunt’s maintained his status in “All the Lost Souls” with another great album. You’d expect a slumping sophomore release with Blunt, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth.


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