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Night at the Ritz

Office attempt to bring new wave back to new heights in their new album “Night at the Ritz”, and although they are a long way from being a house-hold name, they are a good secret at this point in their career. The band’s New Line Records debut does a some things good, it does some things bad, but it’s still a decent listen that fans of retro-type music will dig. “Night at the Ritz” starts out great for the band. Think Under the Influence of Giants but without all of that particular band’s annoyances. The first six tracks on the album aren’t ground breaking, but they’re enjoyable but after those first six tracks you get the sense that the band ran out of material. The second half of the album isn’t awful; it’s just not enjoyable. It’s forgettable, especially since the first six tracks were decent and everything after that is a big drop. Office does a good job with what they are right now, an independent band that’s trying to get their particular style a foothold in popular music. The band’s actually really good and most of what I listened to is good, but this should have been an EP not an LP. Just because you have the songs, doesn’t mean you should use them. Look more stuff from Office that’s better than this, but if you’re into anything related to new wave pop, check these guys out.


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