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Under The Boards

The new Saves the Day album, “Under the Boards” finally produces a happy medium to fans to both of the band’s style. For fans who dug their early pop-punk style from their Equal-Vision years, music like that is on the new album. And for fans who liked the more intelligent Saves the Day version of “In Reverie” that’s here too. These guys have always been great and making records. That’s the first thing you can say about Saves the Day. Everything they’ve done has had an purpose and comes off that way through an entire listen. And that’s here on this album too. All the way through you never feel like the band loses any steam, they just pick it up as they go. The production on the album is good, the songs are varied, something that Saves the Day needed to do, and the identifiable voice of Chris Conley appears to be more recognizable than ever. Saves the Day is like Jimmy Eat World in a lot of ways. They’ve shaped a lot of the music we hear from bands being influenced by them. And whether you’ve heard of them or not over the past decade your ears have picked up on something or someone who’s been influenced by these guys. “Under the Boards” is great album from “Saves the Day” that backs up that theory. There’s no big radio single on this album, there’s no song on this album that the whole world will here, but there’s 13 tracks of quality music that any true fan of punk/emo/or just rock with strong pop elements will love.


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