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Dan Wilson

Free Life

There’s an obvious reason why American Records President Rick Rubin picked up on former Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson’s solo project. It’s because it’s really freakin’ good. And that’s really no surprise with a guy like Dan Wilson. His vocal work has always been great because he’s got that light-raspy voice that’s incredibly unique. His composing is super-intelligent (the guy did go to Harvard), and his lyrics have always been unique. That on top of the fact that this guy is a gifted producer as well is the perfect recipe for a great album. Dan Wilson’s solo effort has been in the works since the last Semisonic record and anything less than flawless for that long of a period would be a letdown, and Wilson doesn’t disappoint. There are 13 tracks on this album and from start to finish at the very-least you can say you appreciate every song just because it’s written well, it’s recorded well, and it’s performed well by Wilson. Some favorites of mine on this album; the opening two tracks are great “All Kinds” and “Free Life.” The duet with Sheryl Crow, “Sugar” is simple but intricate at the same time, and “Cry” is reminiscent of some old Semisonic work. Hopefully this album will start getting some attention into the New Year. It really deserves it. The production is great and the music is intelligent. This is quality music made by an intelligent artist who set out to write/record a full album and did just that. If the national audience picks up on this in any way in 2008 we could be talking about Dan Wilson winning his own Grammy.


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