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Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

If it weren’t for the appearance of “FMLYHM (*#&# Me Like You Hate Me)” the new Seether album wouldn’t even seem like a Seether album, it’d be more like a Default set. There is more hopeful themes and sounds to the new Seether album that you’d ever expect from the band, and although I wouldn’t call it a welcome change, I would call it an acceptable addition to the band’s catalogue because it’s great to listen to Shaun Morgan in healthier places. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of standard Seether songs like “No Jesus Christ” and “FMLYHM”, but it’s the addition of songs like “6 Gun Qouta” and “Rise Above This” that are set in higher scales that just sound so much more positive than anything Seether has ever done. That doesn’t make them positive songs, by any means it just means they sound positive. And that’s where the album title comes into play, “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces” is what the disc is called because Morgan’s tortured lyrics (at times)are set in front of music that’s in higher scale and that has melody and structure to it that’s not the band’s standard. If you’re a fan of Seether then you love this album- everything on here is good and there are anywhere from 5-8 possible single choices for the band off of this album. The last time the band had a set like this was “Disclaimer” and that’s one of the most underated album s of all time. Seether needed to do an album like this. They needed to change things up a little bit but stick to what they do best too, and they succeeded on both accounts. This isn’t the best out of the band’s three albums, but I’d put in the middle of the pack margins away from “Disclaimer.” This is a great album release by Seether- definitely check this out.


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