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Chase This Light

There are some bands around these days that have reached icon status. The Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty, and the Goo Goo Dolls are good examples. What that icon status means is that a large chunk of people around the world know who those bands are, whether they are big music fans or not. Jimmy Eat World is one of those icon bands, but in a completely different way than most of the bands in that group. A lot of people know who Jimmy Eat World is, but they’re not recognized by casual listeners. Jimmy Eat World is an icon band because they have actually shaped music over the past decade. Even though the whole Emo debate has always been in place (‘don’t call us emo!), emo wouldn’t be as popular as it is today without Jimmy Eat World and all of the pop punk bands that have a creative edge to them like Yellowcard and Mae wouldn’t be as popular as they are today without Jimmy Eat World. That icon status is relevant for the band because on this sixth album, they have a chance to deliver a true classic album, everything points to the possibility of that happening. They worked with Butch Vig on this record, who produced “Nevermind” and “Siamese Dream”, and that alone gives them a chance. “Chase This Light” (LP #6) is a decent record, it’s a good balance between what the band has done more recently with “Futures” and “Bleed American” and what they did in their earlier years with “Clarity.” The set of songs on this album are kind of like “Lucky Denver Mint”, but coming from a band that has been making successful music for over a decade- they know more tricks and are more mature. The album starts out great with “Big Casino”- which is one of the band’s strongest songs since “Lucky Denver Mint” and moves on to a decent three tracks that really show off the pop skills these guys have always had. “Electable (Give It Up)” is a possible choice for a second single from the band because it’s in the mold of one of those weird second single choices from the band that fits their fans perfectly but has nothing to do with the mainstream. The other choice for a second single is “Here it Goes” and that’s actually the only legitimate chance at a full-blown mainstream, cross-format single that this album has. Everything on this album is decent, it’s an album though, not a collection of singles, which was the case with “Bleed American” and “Futures.” I don’t think that this is a classic album; I’m actually a little disappointed because it should have been. But who knows on that, there’s going to be lots of different opinions about this album. The band’s original fan base will love it and the band’s casual fan base are going to see this as a bit of a let down. My overall opinion though; “Chase This Light” is good enough to be a Jimmy Eat World set, but it’s not good enough to be mentioned as one of the best albums of all time, and it should have been.


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