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The Johnny Cash Show: The Best of Johnny Cash

While this is another one of those reviews that’s a little outside of our genre, it’s an essential music review, so it gets the green light. Johnny Cash is one of the most relevant artists of the past century- it’s hard to pin down where he is in terms of relevance and how important he is in terms of influence, but the guy has got to be in the top ten. This is a DVD release from Sony from the Johnny Cash show that ran when music and America were both in weird places. The DVD is titled The Johnny Cash Show- “The Best of Johnny Cash (1969-1971).” In that time period Hippies were going strong, but so was traditional country music, they were even at odds with each other a little bit. Johnny Cash never really made a distinction between the two in life and on his TV show, which is pretty awesome from a country musician. On the premiere of his show Cash had Bob Dylan on the show- at the time traditional country music fans hated Bob Dylan. Some other guests that Cash had on the show- Creedence Clearwater Revival, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, and James Taylor. He had those artists along with traditional country guys like Merle Haggard and George Jones. That kind of diverse thinking and general respect of music across all spans is a big part of why Cash is respected and loved across so many genres. The DVD is hosted by Kris Kristopherson who does a good job at hosting the show, all of the performances are introduced well and the performances themselves are awesome. Again this is something that’s a little outside of genre, but there’s no denying its relevance in music in general. If you are a true music fan, and are up for a little history check out this DVD.


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