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Mark Tremonti’s second big band Alter Bridge comes back with their second album “Blackbird”, their first for Universal/Republic Records. The first thing you need to know about “Blackbird” is that it’s harder than the band’s first album “One Day Remains”. Tremonti can actually do more musically through Alter Bridge than he could ever do with Creed. Mainly because Scott Stapp was so one-dimensional with positive songs that all generally had gradual builds. With Alter Bridge Myles Kennedy is a mult-faucet guy who can show as much emotion and passion through a mic as anybody can. But more importantly he can do ‘hard’ music legitimately. “Blackbird” is a decent set of songs from Alter Bridge. There are a lot of guitar solos here and a lot of other instrument parts that show that this is a project dictated by a group of musicians and not just the lead singer. The first three songs are passable; nothing that’s going to blow your mind and nothing that will get listened to more than anything else on the album. Once track 4 comes along things get better. “Buried Alive” has the potential to be a decent single for the band if chosen as one but the better choice would be track 6- “Before Tomorrow Comes”- I’m not so sure that I wouldn’t have chosen that song over “Rise Today.” If you’re looking for something to market with ties to Creed- “Before Tomorrow Comes” is your beast. The other cool track that really stands out on this album is the eight minute title track “Blackbird”, because anytime a band just rocks for eight minutes with that many peaks and valleys- it’s just cool. Overall “Blackbird” is a better set of songs than “One Day Remains”, but it doesn’t have that one song that really makes it stand out like “Open Your Eyes” did on “One Day Remains.” Tremonti and the rest of the band have done their job though, and this just proves that Scott Stapp needed the rest of Creed more than Creed needed Stapp. If Alter Bridge wants to make music successfully for a decade they can. These guys have the capability to release something epic, it’s not this record but I think it could be the next album.


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