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Vanessa Carlton

Heroes & Thieves

Vanessa Carlton came out on fire in 2002 with her debut “Be Not Nobody”, she was a credible songwriter with a sweet, harmonious voice that caught everybody’s attention. Her hit single, “A Thousand Miles” all but immediately made her career and gained her national attention. Not a remarkable feat for a debut artist, but a remarkable feat because it guaranteed her that no matter what she did after that for at least a decade she’d have an audience. That doesn’t speak badly of Carlton, it speaks volumes for how good and how relatable that song was. With Carlton’s second album “Harmonium” she went artistic and it was a good thing, especially on the single “White Houses.” But the marketing and publicity behind the project was sub-par at best and a decent album was wasted. Carlton was dropped from the label and signed with The Inc. (another division of Universal), and here she is with her third full-length album “Heroes & Thieves”, and another quality effort. This third album isn’t as adventurous as “Harmonium” was for Carlton; she actually sticks to a safer role and aims a lot of hooks at the listener. The good thing with the hooks though is that they work 100% of the time because the lyrics that go with her music are awesome. This is a great album for Carlton. She does a good job lyrically and musically with most of the meat of the music hanging out at the beginning of the album. Her fans will be pleased with this effort and she might even gain a few more people in her audience. If you like pop music that’s both creative and has song-writing merit you should be a fan of Vanessa Carlton.


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