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Dashboard Confessional

The Shade of Poison Trees

It’s impossible not to like Dashboard Confessional, if only because Chris Carrabba is artistically leaps and bounds above anybody else in emo and is a better musician, songwriter, lyricist, etc., etc. than anyone in the genre, my point is that Chris Carrabba and Dashboard Confessional is emo, the genre wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for that guy, and that’s something to admire. “The Shade of Poison Trees” is Dashboard’s acoustic effort that came out recently and typical of his style, Carrabba’s music continues to prove how good he is at what he does. True music fans know this guy is a legend. He belongs in the same sentence as Dave Grohl for just influencing music in the past ten years. It’s too bad that the mainstream has never known and more likely than not will never know how good he is. It’s not due to lack of luck or marketability, it’s because Carrabba’s an actual artist in today’s sea of artistic mediocrity. The only reason why he’s not more popular is because he’s never wavered from his path and has always stayed true to his artistic style. “The Shade of Poison Trees” is worth its price within the first five tracks. One after another in the beginning of the album everything is amazing. There’s not a big fall off after track five, it’s just that those first five songs are better than what anybody else with an acoustic guitar could do. “Thick as Thieves” is amazing, “Keep Watch for the Mines” is better, and “These Bones” is awesome. If you’re into music, you like Dashboard Confessional, if you’re not into Dashboard Confessional you know absolutely nothing about good music. “The Shade of Poison Trees” is highly recommended on the simple basis that Carrabba beats the crap out everyone else in terms of artistic creativity. Awesome stuff.


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