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A Toast To Bad Taste

The problem for me with hardcore, screamcore or in Far-Less’s case pop-core is that it ain’t my thing at all. Hence Far-Less’s previous album ‘Everyone Is Out To Get Us’ barely rippled my aural millpond. You see, call me old fashioned but a screaming vocal style does nothing to embellish rock music but merely speeds up its demise.

However bands grow up and mature and that is exactly what has happened to Far-Less. Originally signed by Tooth and Nail after the band bombarded them with demo cd’s the label has presided over the development of the band, taking them forward through natural progression. Far-Less has always been capable of penning songs with tangible hooks and melody but the vocal style took away most of the gloss.

‘A Toast To Bad Taste’ dispenses with the aggressive vocal elements but retains the more radio friendly moments, the unquestionable instrumental progressiveness and shows that Far-Less has the ability to deliver uncompromisingly eclectic alternative rock music. Harnessing traits from latter day Smashing Pumpkins, British modern progressive rockers Muse and even My Chemical Romance, clever songs like ‘I Hope That We Swim’, Gentlemen (Got To Sleep)-check out the sensational guitar solo at the end-and the more straight ahead emo of ‘Keep Keep’, serve to illustrate an unerring arrival onto the scene. ‘A Toast To Bad Taste’ doesn’t just pick up the eclectic alternative rock baton and run with it, it sprints past the finishing line leaving the competition stuck at the starting line tying their bootlaces.


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