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Four albums in and Oregon modern rock outfit Falling Up have finally found the optimum balance between electronic wizardry and modern rock. After wasting their time with the horrendous remix album ‘Exit Lights’ Falling Up have returned with their best album to date. Aided by the undeniable production skills of Aaron Sprinkle, Falling Up have concentrated on what they are most comfortable with, settling into a niche of fluid progressive-and at times ambitious- alt rock with flourishes of piano and synthesiser. Indeed the more aggressive rock-orientated songs such as the Kutless/Anberlin hybrid ‘Hotel Aquarium’ takes a back seat and the more progressive facet of the band comes to the fore. The title track, ‘Drago Or The Dragons’, ‘Arc To Archtilles’ and the monstrous epic ‘The Darkside Of The Indoor Track’ promote that identity, whilst the positive schizophrenia of Falling Up becomes apparent from extraordinarily catchy “hit waiting to happen” ‘Maps’. More mature in its arrangements and song-writing Captiva represents one of the most surprising and interesting modern rock releases this year.


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