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Once Upon a Time in the West

The band’s follow up to the successful “Stars of CCTV”, “Once Upon a Time in the West” puts some pressure on Hard-Fi. “Stars of CCTV” didn’t do a lot here in the U.S., but it was a huge success in the U.K. and gave Atlantic/Warner Bros. a taste of what this band could do. By logic “Once Upon a Time in the West” should be a better album than “Stars of CCTV”, it doesn’t pull that off, it’s just as good, but it fails to be a better album. This album starts out awesome, “Knights of Suburbia” is the best song that Hard-Fi has done so far and “I Shall Overcome” is a close second for the band. Those two songs are tracks 1 and 2 on this disc and easily the best part of the record. After the first two tracks the album gets itself in a bit of a rut that’s not bad, it’s just pretty average. There are highlights through the rest of the album- “Watch Me Fall Apart”, “Television”, and “Little Angel” are good enough to barely stand out above the rest, but other than that there’s nothing that blows you away. “Once Upon a Time in the West” is a good follow up for Hard-Fi, but the band didn’t deliver on the album that everyone thought they would. If anything they’ve earned a shot to be successful again with two great tracks at the beginning of the album. If Hard-Fi wants to be a global success they have to come out with a near-perfect album, that didn’t happen here. If you’re into the band, you’re happy with this effort. Just on the basis of “Knights of Suburbia” if you’re into Hard-Fi at all you dig this album. Hard-Fi is worth checking out because there’s so much potential for them to be a global success, that just doesn’t happen with this album.


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