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Karate High School

The League of Tomorrow

Right now these guys are one of the industry’s best kept secrets. If you’re in to any kind of pop-punk music or post hardcore music you need to check these guys out. Their first album, “Arcade Rock” was okay, but this follow up “The League of Tomorrow” is a complete album and one of the most fun albums to come out in the past few months. Karate High School is a brighter version of one of my other favorite new bands- Idiot Pilot. Both of them merge techno beats and synthesizer use with different genres of music. In this instance Karate High school merges it with pop punk and post hardcore. It’s fresh, it’s different, but most of all it’s really good. I will say this about the post-hardcore stuff. Either you’re going to scream through a whole album and that’s going to be your genre or you’re not. Don’t have a scream track or two mixed in with all of this bright/shiny pop music. The hardcore stuff is okay from these guys but the movement from one of the pop tracks to the hardcore stuff is jarring enough to make you fudge your pants. The scream stuff isn’t bad, the pop stuff is just so much better that there’s really no point to have that stuff included on the album. This is a near complete album from one of my favorite new bands. Look for this album to start getting Karate High School some major label interest. It’s marketable, it’s good, and like I said it’s incredibly fresh. This is a band that every fan of undiscovered music should check out.


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