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Unwritten Law

Here's to the Mourning

It is fair to say that the sixth album-if you don’t include the ‘Unplugged’ album- from the label jumping Californian combo has been highly anticipated. Since their arrival on the scene in the early nineties Unwritten Law have moved adequately with the times as well as attracting a great deal of controversy along the way. Who can forget 2002 when guitarist Steve Morris was attacked with dry ice bombs, or the food fight incident with the Australian crowd that resulted in them being ejected from the tour?
‘Here’s to the Mourning’ retains some of the traits that made the band so popular in the Californian skate punk scene, but the whole affair has a much more rock tone to it;
‘Celebration Song’, ‘Lost Control’ and the funky ‘I Like the Way’ ably revitalising a stale genre. Other writers have been brought in to add some 2005 relevance and hits to the album, the most notable being Linda Perry on the catchy ‘Save Me’, whilst the punk standard ‘She Says’ more than adequately holds its own with the likes of Simple Plan or Good Charlotte. ‘Here’s to the Mourning’ may not be the last word in progressive punk rock, but it is certainly an admirable attempt at moving forward whilst glancing regularly back over its shoulder.


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