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Into the Wild Soundtrack

As grunge becomes more and more a thing of the past big grunge the elite from that era continue to become more widely and traditionally appreciated. Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters are in the small group of elite rock bands and Eddie Vedder’s Pearl Jam’s fan base continues to get older and span more generations. That being said, you knew it would happen- a grunge artist has finally scored a movie. Eddie Vedder has done so much since the beginning of Pearl Jam to now, he’s had a couple of solo flings, but he’s never done anything as adventurous as this; writing/recording music for “Into the Wild.” “Into the Wild” is a Sean Penn film based on Jon Krakauer’s novel about a college kid who literally walks away from his entire life to live in the wild. He dies of starvation, and that’s a bummer, and although I’ve never read the book or seen the movie from that matter, one can look at the lens work and tell that its very folksy and very rootsy. In that sense, you can tell that Vedder’s score matches the film perfectly. That aside though, we’re not reviewing how it syncs but the music itself. Most of the songs are short- obviously to match the movie, but that really cots this to lose a lot of credibility. I say it loses credibility because a piece of intelligent work that’s 90 seconds long really can’t go anywhere can it? There’s only so much you can do in 90 seconds. Just when you think things are going to turn a corner- they don’t they just end. The music doesn’t have any real peaks or valleys in it- and that’s what Vedder does best. Even on the longer songs the music is really basic and feels really stripped, and that’s where this albums a bummer. On the good side though, Vedder’s lyrics with this score are some of his best ever and his vocal work carrying those lyrics isn’t too shabby either. Check out the booklet if you get this and read through the lyrics, it’s really creative how Vedder matches his lyrics to the movie and how he then carries those lyrics barrenly. Give this a C for music, a B for synchronization, and A+ for lyrics/vocals. Not bad, Pearl Jam fans will definitely want to check this out and fans of the movie will probably want to pick this up too.


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