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Motion City Soundtrack

Even If It Kills Me

The new Motion City Soundtrack is a perfect example of musical growth. The band has always had a lot of pop to them, after all they are a pop punk group, but they’ve always had a different trait with their music that set it aside from really being reachable to everyone. The first album- “I Am the Movie” is great if you want to dig back into their stuff- but if you compare that album to this album, the musical differences are staggering. The growth from their first release to their new release, titled “Even if It Kills Me” can surely be partially accredited to producer Ric Ocasek (Cars) who really left his impression on this disc. The new Motion City stuff isn’t fast paced or in your face, there are a couple of tracks like that, but really, it’s more like Cars stuff. It’s still catchy as hell, it’s still got a good steady rhythm to it, but it’s more mellow- 10 out of the 13 tracks on this album can be described as general pop tracks- a huge difference from the band’s last album “Commit this to Memory.” Really the only the song off of their last album that could be put on this album is “Hold Me Down”, a softer track from the band at that time. The new Motion City Soundtrack is takes them away from the Warped Tour grouping of bands and moves them towards a totally different type of band, a band that’s really meant for pop radio and make no mistakes- that’s not a bad thing. Some new blood in that area of music can do no harm. Matchbox Twenty, Train, The Goo Goo Dolls and Motion City Soundtrack? It could happen.


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