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Jason Reeves

Patience for the Waiting

Jason Reeves has proved one thing over the past couple of years. He’s a great song writer. He’s helped Colbie Caillat become a household name with songs he co-wrote with her. And while overlooked in most circles, “The Magnificent Adventures in Heartache and Other Frightening Tales” is a good record with its strength being the song writing. In his EP “Patience for the Waiting” Reeves shows off his song writing skills, but this short EP suffers from the same problems his album suffered from. His songs start out rough, it takes them a while to grab someone’s attention. “Wishing Weed” is a great song; if somebody listens to the first thirty seconds and nothing else of that song… they would hate it. He also needs to expand his horizons slightly… lots of bands and artists only write love songs. Jason Reeves is talented enough to move away from that in some of his songwriting. He also needs to expand what he does musically. He shouldn’t sell out and write all pop songs, but it wouldn’t hurt him to expand his horizons and write one for himself. Not only because it would probably make his bosses happy but because his music needs them. There’s no energy to it at all in its current form. It’s fine to listen to a song here and there but it’s impossible to listen to it over and over. Joshua Radin is very similar to Jason Reeves, but he does all of the abovementioned things in his music and it makes it better. Jason Reeves’ is best in small doses… that’s why an EP release is better than a full album. You have to respect his ability and his talent but you’d really like him to stretch that so we can see other things from him. This EP is meant to tide us over until a new album comes out. Hopefully that new album has Reeves tackling a larger variety of songs.


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