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Sunset Sons

Very Rarely Say Die

With members from the UK and Australia, Sunset Sons are a cool act that’s shown a lot of promise over the past year and a half. With their debut album, “Very Rarely Say Die” that promise is shown in full effect. There are indie rock songs here with production perfection – it doesn’t try too hard, it’s just light and breezy. The production matches these songs remarkably well. They guitars are a little busy at times, but sonically they don’t thrash about – they gently guide you through each track. It’s a lot like Kings of Leon stuff – but with a Brit Aussie twist. Rory William’s vocal syncs up with those guitars perfectly too – it’s nasally and similar tonally and a tremendous match. Plus, his capability to write outstanding lyrics on songs like “Remember” can’t be undersold either – each verse is better than the last one and the pianos that pound along with the chorus are equally brilliant.

If there is one side of Sunset Sons to knock it’s that the band doesn’t take any risks here. The guitars are good enough that there should be some more solos. There’s nothing really notable to make it stand out as an album; I’d love a three-minute instrumental track or something similar. Instead, every song on this record caters to a hook and a program director. That’s a problem with the album, but it’s more of a reflection of the times than it is on Sunset Sons. Still, you can count us as huge fans of “Very Rarely Say Die” – it’s production is perfect, it’s filled with songs that were written extremely well, and the musicianship and the vocals are top notch too.


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