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Thriving Ivory

Tell Me Your Name EP

Thriving Ivory’s “Tell Me Your Name” EP is a good tide-over for a hopeful 2010 release. The EP features two new songs and four live tracks. Out of the new songs, one of those tracks is a cover. “Kiss the Rain” was originally done by Billie Myers. Thriving Ivory did her proud with this track. Very few times can you say that a cover song stays true to the original version, but still manages to add something to it. You can say that about Thriving Ivory’s version of the song, one of the best covers you will ever hear. The other studio song on the album is titled “Flowers for a Ghost”, and that song is just as impressive as every other original Thriving Ivory song. The live tracks leave a little bit to be desired, they’re not recorded as well as they could have been, and although it suffers slightly for that, you get used to the sound and you get into the songs. The choices for the live songs can be debated though, you would have liked to have heard live versions of “Twilight” or maybe “Hey Lady”, but you still enjoy what there is to be had here. Thriving Ivory’s “Tell Me Your Name” isn’t going to satisfy anyone anticipating more music from this band. I mean that as a compliment. This band is too good, and the music is too amazing for fans not to want new music immediately. But if something might tide you over for twenty minutes this would be it.


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