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The Bravery

Stir The Blood

The Bravery’s “Stir the Blood” is a step away from the style that the band had set forth with “The Sun and the Moon.” It’s all the way around darker- the artwork and the material. And it takes a step back from the shiny pop music that was on “The Sun and the Moon.” Here you’re getting sounds from The Bravery that are more reminiscent of their self-titled label debut. It’s a little disappointing because “The Sun and The Moon” was outstanding. You would have hoped that the band would continue down that road instead of veering back to their original material. Still this is a good record, especially the first four songs. “Hatef—k” is a great song with little promise due to the title but it’s still something people should dig. “Stir the Blood” isn’t an outstanding record but it’s pretty good. The band regressed a little bit with this release but they still have some solid songs on this album. It's just not as good as their last one.


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