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Every Avenue

Picture Perfect

Every Avenue’s “Picture Perfect” is as strong of a pop record as you’re likely to hear in the next few months. As an album comparison, the first thing that comes to mind is The Starting Line’s “Say It Like Mean It.” The songs are insanely catchy, but the guitars are a little on the heavier side in places, giving it the proper rock tinge to be considered as such. I’m not saying that Every Avenue sounds like The Starting Line. I’m just saying that this album is comparable to The Starting Line’s debut because there are a lot of people that love that record and there should be a lot of people that love this record too. There are about ten solid songs to like on this record; five of them are songs you can listen to over and over including “Tell Me I’m a Wreck” and “Saying Goodbye.” There are some weak points in the middle and towards the end of the album because it gets a little repetitive but for the most part this is an album filled with quality material. “Picture Perfect” is one of the best pop records to come out this year, it might be the best pop punk record this year too. If these guys can keep putting music like this the sky is the limit for them. This is a great album that you should at least sample.


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