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A new label has appeared to breathe some new life into Switchfoot. The experimental and the somewhat inconsistent “Oh! Gravity” was a little rough on the band. It wasn’t their best received album to date although it was a decent record. “Hello Hurricane” puts the band back into their form of two records ago and brings them into more aggressive territory. Just check out the single “Mess of Me;” that’s an alternative rock single. There’s nothing pop about that song. Really there’s not very many of those adult-contemporary songs at all here; maybe one or possibly two but for the most part this is an alternative album and it’s good to have Switchfoot back where they belong. “Red Eyes” has the potential to be a huge single across multiple genres, and “The Sound” just might be my favorite Switchfoot song of all time. The song is ridiculously fun. The title track is also a very enjoyable track. “Hello Hurricane” has lots of potential for Switchfoot. It will be interesting to see how much attention and how much play it gets at the beginning of next year because there are a few potential singles here that can definitely be worked.


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